Preventive Maintenance

The HEART of an espresso cafe business is the espresso machine!
In order to extend the life of your machine and keep it at it’s highest level of operation, preventative maintenance is ESSENTIAL!

Don’t let this happen to your machine…


UNFILTERED WATER SUPPLY compromises your product and life of your machine.

Services Performed with Preventative Maintenance
Replace Gasket Check for Leaks
Replace Screens Check Water Filtration*
Check Solenoids Check Group Head Pressure
Clean Machine Check Grinder
Check Pump Pressure Check Burrs

*Using a water filtration system and changing water filters every 3-6 months is critical to adding years to your machine

1 Group Head Machine-$99
2 Group Head Machine-$119
3 Group Head Machine-$139
4 Group Head Machine $159
*excessive cleaning may be extra


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